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19, infj, fine art/art history student from norwich, UK.

i like text, pop punk, battle rap and pink things.

nightclub worker.

♔ little ♔

instagram & twitter @12_feet_deep

I mean I love all of my friends so dearly, but the ones that can complete violent espionage are a brilliant army.

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I think it says a lot that two of my best friends ( gunsandlilies and attractedtotrainers ) have both secretly hit one of my exes and not been caught or later identified in any way.
I love you guys.

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fnnjones: here try adding me instead: krystalbuckley

Think I did it :3

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Krystal is a babe cause if she loves something I post online it gets liked on both Instagram and Tumblr fnnjones 💖

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Love at first sip. Present from Mum 💕

trizzybakes: Loren dearest, you've got beautiful breasts and it would be a pleasure to see them more often. (Step 1. Be Irish, Step 2. Have manners)


Take note, people!

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Had so much fun playing with my lil dude today. We sat in the bath and he went mountaineering all over me to get used to me and we shared a some banana chips and already he has so much character. Happy that Lupin is settled and relaxed in his new home! 
He kept stopping running/climbing to sit on me and clean his tiny cute face with his dinky paws and I’m SO IN LOVE